“People like to give gifts!” says online retailer, ahead of Christmas

Britain’s a nation of givers not receivers this Christmas

GENEROUS Brits are really all about the giving this year as they splash more on their friends and family this Xmas – rather than receiving gifts, a new study revealed.

Nearly three quarters of people in the festive spirit would prefer to give a gift than receive one.

And it’s not a last-minute thing – Brits will devote an average of 4 hours and 16 minutes tracking down the perfect present.

Source: Daily Star, 16th November 2016


Christmas is almost here, and with it the obligatory raft of festive-themed PR pieces in the news as companies rush to peg their press releases to a date in the calendar – in this case reminding people of the joy of giving gifts, which many people love even more than receiving. Which is handy from a PR perspective, because it’s hard to market the act of receiving gifts, but you can very easily encourage people to buy gifts and thus give your company money… such as the company behind this story:

YouGov carried out the research – commissioned by Very.co.uk – and raked in the results from 2,000 Brits.

An online retailer tells the public that they should buy things to give to people, and it makes national news.