“Cooking meals for people is important!” says rice manufacturer

Best way to show you care? Give them a cuppa: Making a tea, preparing a surprise meal and running a bath among top 50 signs you appreciate someone

Cooking someone’s favourite meal, making them a cup of tea without being asked, and watching a TV show or film you hate but know they enjoy are among the top 50 signs you care, a survey has found.

A poll, of 2,000 adults, has revealed the top ways to show you care, which also includes sharing your food with them, giving them the biggest or last slice of cake and doing the chores without being asked.

Source: Daily Mail, 16th November 2016


We all want the people in our lives to know we care, but showing our affection can be hard. What can we do to let our loved ones know we appreciate them? Well, according to this latest story in the Daily Mail, one way would be to do something thoughtful for them, such as cooking for them:

Preparing a healthy meal for them, taking them out for a surprise meal and taking an interest in a subject that interests them, even if you find it boring, feature in the top 50.

It’s an interesting idea, cooking for someone to let them know you care. If only we had some ideas about the kind of meals we should cook, or the kind of ingredients we should use. Perhaps the company behind this survey might have some suggestions:

Camilla Sheeley, from Tilda Basmati rice, which commissioned the research, said: ‘Everyone wants to feel they are cared for and appreciated and sometimes it only takes something small to make people feel this way.

‘Something as simple as a spontaneous hug or just a smile can really make someone feel better.

‘Food also appears to be a great way of showing you care – whether it’s just cooking them their favourite meal when they’ve had a hard day or making a healthy and nutritious dish to support them if they are on a diet or not feeling 100 per cent.’

Rice! Of course. That explains everything. Next time you want to say ‘I love you’, say it with rice.