“Women: have affairs; Men: women have affairs!” says extramarital ‘dating’ website

Women cheat on men who don’t do house chores, French survey finds

Women are more likely to cheat on men who fail to pull their weight when it comes to household chores, according to a major French study.

A poll of 10,000 female subscribers to Gleedon – a top site for married and unfaithful people – suggests that the best way to a woman’s heart is by doing the dishes and the vacuum cleaning.

Source: Telegraph, 15th November 2016


Most women who cheat do it ‘because their partners do not do enough housework’, claims survey

Almost nine in 10 respondents say they are annoyed by the lack of help doing chores

Most women who cheat do it because their partners do not do enough housework, according to a major survey in France.

A poll of 10,000 women revealed 73 per cent who were driven to be unfaithful did so because their other half did too few chores.

Source: Independent, 16th November 2016


Women cheat on men because men don’t help them with the housework, according to this story which drifted into the UK press from the continent. At least the majority of the coverage of this tale put front and centre the source of the dubious data: Gleedon.

Coming straight out of the Ashley Madison school of extramarital ‘dating’, Gleedon apparently polled 10,000 of its female users to find out what made them unfaithful. That said, that they claim to have 10,000 female users puts them out of the Ashley Madison school, the latter allegedly inventing many of its female users as a lure for the many male subscribers.

How much can we trust the data shouted at us from these headlines? About as far as you can trust a website whose entire PR strategy relies on sensationalism and shock value, so not very far at all.