“Parents lie to their children!” says animal charity

‘Father Christmas is watching you’: Parents share the harmless, funny and cruel white lies they tell their children – so how many are YOU guilty of?

As any parent knows too well, sometimes a little white lie is the only way to appease a nagging or naughty child.

Indeed, parents have shared the top white lies they’ve told their children – and whilst some of them are hilarious, others are somewhat cruel.

‘Father Christmas is watching you,’ ‘carrots will make you see in the dark’ and ‘your pet has gone to live on a farm’ are among the top white lies parents tell their children.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th November 2016


Despite the festive theme of the headline, the commissioners of this story aren’t Christmas-themed. To understand the genesis of this article, and the direction the PR team behind it were going for, we have to look down the copy somewhat to find another common lie parents tell their kids:

The top white lie told to kids about their pets is after one dies or has gone missing, when ‘your pet has gone to live on a farm in the countryside’ is employed.

The pet angle is the real hook here, given that the article was derived from PR put out by an animal charity:

However, one in ten parents say they’ve replaced their child’s dead pet with an identical looking one, to trick their child into believing it was still alive and well, found the study by Blue Cross pet charity.