“Staying in a hotel is fun!” says travel company

How many hotel sins are YOU guilty of? From stealing bathrobes to lying for an upgrade, tourists confess all

Hotels far and wide have been known to bring out people’s rebellious streak.

According to a new study, 39 per cent of British guests, for example, confess to having stolen items, and 41 per cent are guilty of sneaking more guests into a room than they booked for.

So how many of the top ten rules have you broken?

Source: Daily Mail, 9th November 2016


Reading this list of things you shouldn’t do in a hotel really gives you a few ideas, doesn’t it? It really makes you think about what you could do next time you stay in a hotel, right? It really makes you want to go book a holiday soon so you can be in a hotel before you know it, don’t you think?

According to Sunshine’s poll, 52 per cent of Brits have checked out later than they were supposed to, making this the most common sin.

Sunshine, the company behind this story, is a travel company, in case that wasn’t clear from the tone and pitch of the article.