“Fungal nail infections are serious and important!” says fungal nail infection treatment

Fungal nail infections: Poor hygiene could be to blame for contagious foot condition

FUNGAL nail infections are deemed one of the most embarrassing foot conditions, over verruca’s, warts, bunions even athlete’s foot.

Shockingly, this embarrassment means over one in five – 23 per cent – sufferers admit feeling so self-conscious that they refuse to walk barefoot in their own home, and 15 per cent make excuses not to take their shoes off when visiting others.

Source: Express, 8th November 2016


Fungal nail infections are no laughing matter, as this extensive article highlights, including quotes from expert podiatrists to tell you all about the importance of looking after your toes, especially if you have a fungal nail infection.

Which makes sense, given the company behind this press release:

Treatments include Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Set, which experts said is clinically proven to remove the infected parts of the nail in two to three weeks.

While we’re on the subject, I’d be astonished if any marketing company (let alone an online polling company) was able to reliable assemble 2,000 people who suffer from fungal nail infections in order to take this survey, especially for the likely cost of putting this story together. My suspicion is that this story originated from an online poll which attempted to screen people out by asking “Do you suffer from fungal nail infections?” – which, if your incentive scheme relies on people taking as many polls as possible, is hardly impenetrable.