“Childcare and chores are a pain!” says mattress company with household chores promotion

Parents are too busy to play with their children because they’re spending FOUR HOURS on housework a day (and it’s mums who miss out the most)

Parents spend more time taking care of housework than they do playing with their children, a study has found.

Humdrum admin tasks and cleaning jobs mean parents are struggling to get quality time with their children, but many admit that ignoring the chores isn’t an option as it leaves them feeling too stressed.

And it is Mum who misses out the, most with 65 per cent of female respondents saying most of the housework is their responsibility.

Source: Daily Mail, 6th November 2016


Parents spend all their time looking after children and doing household chores, according to this ‘research’ in the Daily Mail. Research that was commissioned by mattress company Slumberland:

Sally Hotchin, from the company responsible for the survey Slumberdown, said: ‘Family lives are becoming busier than ever, and unfortunately this means the quality time we get to spend with our children is decreasing.

‘No-one likes to have an untidy house or chores piling up, but it seems this is getting in the way of us having fun with our partners and children.

‘Ignoring the chores can be a simple solution for some, but this can end up adding to the stress and ruining the time you do have together.’

Slumberland, coincidentally, are currently running a “have all your household chores done for a year” competition:


Because, of course, changing the bed and looking after the mattress is a chore, after all.