“Paying for children’s parties can send you into your overdraft!” says current account

Children’s birthday parties cost families £218: Half of parents admit blowing their original budget with £77 on a venue and £33 on food

The average child’s birthday party now costs over £200, as parents come under pressure from ‘pester power’ as well as trying to out-do other families, research suggests.

Nationwide Current Accounts, which commissioned the survey, said the findings suggest that inviting a few friends round for jelly and ice cream and a game of pass the parcel no longer seems to ‘cut it’.

Source: Daily Mail, 7th November 2016


Keeping kids happy around their birthday is a pricey affair, and can far exceed the budget set aside by parents, according to this article from the Daily Mail… an article that was sourced from a press release by a building society. What might their angle be?

One in 25 (4%) parents had received contributions from relatives to help with their party costs, while one in six (15%) had used a credit card to fund the occasion and one in 20 (5%) had dipped into their overdraft.

If you’re going to have to dip into your overdraft to make ends meet, you’re going to need a current account with a good and flexible overdraft, right?

Phil Smith, Nationwide Building Society’s head of current accounts, said: ‘For kids, the best parties are often more about spending time with their friends, rather than a lavish event, so parents shouldn’t feel under pressure to over-deliver.’

Parents shouldn’t feel under pressure to over-deliver, says a press release from a company telling parents they are under pressure to over-deliver.