“Old painting are still relevant!” says TV show about old paintings

She WAS smiling! New project which shows what Mona Lisa would have looked like if she’d posed for a photograph answers one of art’s oldest questions

Famous artworks including the Mona Lisa and The Blue Boy – along with self-portraits by Rembrandt and Raphael – have been turned into photorealistic pictures.

Using digital manipulation, four classic paintings were transformed to reveal what the subjects would have looked like in real life.

The artworks include the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, self-portraits by grandmasters Rembrandt and Raphael, and Thomas Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy.

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd November 2016


Despite what nobody thought, it turns out that old paintings are still important and interesting! Thank heavens we have the good people at Yesterday to tell us so, as part of the launch of their TV series about old paintings:

The art project was led by leading digital artist Quentin Devine to celebrate Raiders of the Lost Art airing on the TV channel Yesterday.

Adrian Wills, general manager for Yesterday, said: ‘It’s extraordinary to see familiar historic individuals we’ve only ever seen rendered in oil, through a modern photographic lens.

‘We commissioned this series of artfully digitised images to encourage people to watch Raiders of the Lost Art on the Yesterday channel, and to learn more about the fascinating history behind the world’s most iconic paintings..’

Well, Adrian, a job well done.