“Your partner’s snoring will make you have to sleep on the couch!” says sofa company

Separate beds for one in ten couples: Snoring is named as the main reason partners sleep in different rooms

Ten per cent of British couples sleep in separate beds, according to new research.

More than a quarter of British couples say snoring is the main factor forcing them to sleep alone followed by rows.

Source: Daily Mail, 2nd November 2016


Snoring is a marital disaster that will cause spouses to sleep apart, according to the latest ‘research’ from the Daily Mail, brought to you by sofa retailer Distinctive Chesterfields:

The figures comes from a survey of 2,000 people by sofa company DistinctiveChesterfields.com.

What does snoring have to do with a sofa retailer, you may wonder?

The most common place to sleep following an argument is the spare room (35.7 per cent), followed by on the sofa (32.1 percent) and, strangely, in the bath (7.5 per cent).

That’s right, this isn’t a real study of marital behaviour and the effect of snoring on sleeping habits and stress levels within a relationship, it’s an advert for a sofa company who want to suggest to you that if you’re going to be spending some time sleeping on the couch, you better make sure it’s a comfy couch.