“Everyone takes photos of their meals, so make sure yours look good!” says posh supermarket

Why the food on our plates is latest thing to brag about: One in five of us admits sharing a picture of a meal within the last month

It used to be snaps of themselves or their children.

But now the pictures our friends post on social media are just as likely to be of food.

One in five of us admits to sharing a ‘diner plate selfie’ in the past month.

Where once Britons were anxious to show off their latest fashion purchase or new car, the food we eat is the latest status symbol.

Source: Daily Mail, 2nd November 2016


The latest ‘research’ in the Daily Mail here, showing that people ‘admit’ to sharing photos of their food on social media. Food, you see, is the latest status symbol – something we all need to be showing off in order to let the world know how wonderful our lives are.

But what happens if your food isn’t up to scratch? If the aesthetics of your meal don’t cut the extra-special organically-sourced French wholegrain mustard? You’ll be ‘culinarily one-upped’, apparently. Which is obviously a bad thing, because posh supermarket chain Waitrose told us so:

The phenomenon has been identified in an annual food and drink report from Waitrose. It says that as a result Instagram-friendly dishes such as picanha (a cut of beef popular in Brazil) and Chinese steamed bao buns have become particularly trendy.

Waitrose managing director Rob Collins said: ‘Self-expression comes in many forms. The clothes people wear, the cars they drive and the music they listen to all tell us a little about who they are. Now, people are increasingly seeing food as a part of their identity, taking pride in what and how they eat.

‘Food is today’s hottest social currency. As a nation, we’re expressing ourselves through food as never before.’

So there we have it: a supermarket which prides itself on selling top-of-the-range, top-dollar food tells us we all need to smarten up our kitchen fare so we can show off to our friends. And, of course, Waitrose can doubtlessly help you with that…