“Men are dressing less formally in the office!” says office supplies company

We’re ditching suits for T-shirts: Only one in five men now wears one to work

British office workers are becoming scruffier with one in five admitting they spend less than ten minutes getting ready for work and with men ditching suits for T-shirts.

A survey of 2,000 office staff has revealed that casual wear is becoming the new formal with just 18 per cent of men now wearing a suit to work.

Workers are embracing shabbier alternatives to smart shirts and blouses, with over a third of us opting for t-shirt on a daily basis.

Source: Daily Mail, 4th November 2016


It seems that men are forgoing the trust suit and tie these days, with more and more men choosing to work in a T shirt. This is obviously a cultural disaster, according to the company behind this online opinion poll:

By contrast media sector workers dress the most casually, according to the survey by Printerland.co.uk.

Catherine Bannan, HR Manager at Printerland.co.uk, said: ‘Wearing casual clothes in the workplace can make people feel more comfortable and thereby increase the productivity and creativity of your staff.

‘Offices are taking a much more relaxed approach to work attire these days and some say that being in clothes we find comfortable can spark our imagination.

‘Obviously, you might have a meeting with some important clients and so you would want to dress appropriately for that.’

If you’re confused as to why a printer company might worry about what you’re wearing to the office, you have every reason to be. Essentially, any hook for a story is a good enough excuse, and if you can crowbar in a headline-making ‘finding’ about office life you can sometimes use it as a way to promote your office product in the national press, despite having only a gossamer-thin relationship to the alleged story.