“Kids get loads of tooth money from the tooth fairy these days!” says online voucher company

Tooth fairy now brings children SIX POUNDS a tooth – but only if they live in the North West

The Tooth Fairy appears to be giving children in the North West a whopping £6 per tooth.

New research has revealed the regional favouritism by the Tooth Fairy, highlighting a £5.50 difference per tooth between the highest and lowest paying regions.

Those in the North West receive on average £6 per tooth, while those in the West Midlands get on average 50p per tooth.

Source: Daily Mail, 4th November 2016


Coming straight out of the classic ‘kids these days have it too easy’ file, the revelation that children get money for their lost teeth, and that given the nature of inflation, that monetary amount differs from the amount you received as a child, if the thoughts of a doubtlessly-suspect market research poll can be believed, which of course they can’t. A poll which was commissioned, incidentally, by online polling company and serial Bad PR players Voucher Codes Pro:

The team at www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into Britons’ finances, with a particular focus on children’s pocket-money politics.

George Charles, spokesperson for www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, made the following comments:

‘It doesn’t seem fair that some get more from the Tooth Fairy than others, but ultimately if the child is happy with a visit from the Tooth Fairy then it doesn’t matter what is left behind in exchange for the teeth that have fallen out.

‘It’s interesting though that the majority of children go shopping for sweets following the loss of a tooth; probably not something that dentists would advise, but hey, they’re going to lose their baby teeth anyway.’

It’s not so much an insight into the rising cost of childhood tooth loss, as it is an advert for a company that makes money distributing online money-off vouchers and has no better way of marketing a product that is quite so intangible than to run dodgy PR surveys in the national news.