“Your poor hygiene is reducing your car’s value!” says car sales website

Is YOUR car a health hazard? Study reveals vehicle interiors are 2,144% filthier than smartphones

For many people, those tiny crumbs of food buried around the car are a harmless hazard of eating on the move.

But new research might make people think twice about leaving their car in its current state.

The study has revealed that the inside of our cars are more than 50 per cent dirtier than our bacteria-infested computer keyboards.

Source: Daily Mail, 1st November 2016


Astonishing news in the Daily Mail here, which finds that your car – which you use by climbing inside of with your shoes on – is dirtier than a phone you operate primarily with a single finger. Who would have thought that you transmit more bacteria by climbing physically inside something than you do from tapping the glass front of it.

It’s a staggering revelation, which comes courtesy of two hygiene specialists in the form of Dr Joe Latimer from the University of Salford and Dr Lisa Ackerley. Although, more pertinently, it comes courtesy of the PR representatives of a car sales website:

The study, by online vehicle purchasing firm, SellCar.co.uk, found vehicles are 55 per cent dirtier than computer keyboards in our offices and at home.

Why on earth would a car sales website want to convince you that a car is an unhygienic health hazard? Well, partly so they can crowbar a dubious link to something they actually care about, but mostly to get their name mentioned in the national press:

Mark Rogers, managing director of SellCar.co.uk, said: ‘Cars that are not taken care of will depreciate at a record rate in comparison to those that are regularly looked after.

‘It may start with a few germs and not clearing out the rubbish, but this can easily lead to odour lingering in the car that cannot be dispelled or rust accumulating on edges that will put off any prospective buyer and ultimately cause a car to devalue.’

Sure, absolutely, Mark: the presence of a few germs in your car will put off any prospective buyers who happen to do extensive swabbing and lab-testing of your car before they commit to buying it.