“Working from home is so flexible and convenient!” says home internet provider

The home workers on a six-hour day: Many do not start until 9.30am after a lie-in before becoming distracted by their favourite TV show

Employees working from home do not start their jobs until 9.28 am and work for little more than six hours, according to new research.

Treating ourselves to a lie in or getting distracted by our favourite TV programmes leads to those working at home being less productive than someone based in the office.

More than 1.5 million people now work from home, with Friday the day they are most likely to do so, and over half agree their productivity is reduced with no-one watching what they do (55 per cent).

Source: Daily Mail, 1st November 2016


Is it really the case that people who work from home are lazy in the morning? As someone who works from home 90% of the time, I’ll simply say “no comment”. However, laziness isn’t the primary message this article is aiming to send, as the copy quickly transitions to praising the flexibility and convenience of home working, including avoiding the daily commute and spending time with family. Which makes sense, given this is a PR piece for a home internet provider:

A fifth of the 2,000 officer workers surveyed by TalkTalk said they prefer to work from the warmth and comfort of their own bed (21 per cent), and a further 24 per cent love ditching their uniform in favour of working in their pants.

Because if you’re going to take advantage of the wondrous flexibility of home working, you’re going to need a reliable internet provider, aren’t you?