“Office workers are liars!” says office brokerage company

More than half of UK workers LIE about pre-booked trips to secure the best holiday dates ahead of colleagues

More than half of UK workers admit to lying about holiday dates to secure the optimum slot for time off, a survey has revealed.

The study of 1,000 employees in the UK explored the integrity of workers when it comes to booking holiday time at work.

Based on a standard January to January booking procedure, 59 per cent admitted that they have been dishonestly insistent with their line manager that they must have certain dates approved to avoid losing money on pre-booked holiday packages.

Source: Daily Mail, 1st November 2016


British office workers are liars, according to the latest ‘research’ in the Daily Mail, who lie to their co-workers in order to secure the best holiday dates each year. But who paid to have this narrative constructed?

Forty two per cent owned up to pulling a sickie instead of using holiday allowance for a long weekend break, the survey by office brokerage service Londonoffices.com showed.

So, it was an office brokerage firm who published this story. Just a little timely reminder of office life, from a company who like you to know that they know the ins and outs of office life, by telling you that your staff are all liars.