“Traffic jams are terrible for your engine!” says engine oil manufacturer

Traffic jam hell? Nearly half of Britons ENJOY being stuck in a queue

NEARLY half of Britons admit they actually enjoy being stuck in traffic as new research reveals we spend 74 days of our life in jams.

Of those who say traffic can be a blessing in disguise, 16 per cent enjoy being able to listen to the rest of an album while 10 per cent have used it as the excuse to catch the end of a sporting event on the radio.

A further 10 per cent said they have been secretly happy to get into work a little bit later.

Source: Express, 28th October 2016


According to the latest deeply-unlikely ‘research’ from the Express, British people don’t mind spending time in traffic jams, and secretly enjoy having to miss onerous occasions because they’re trapped behind the wheel. This comes from an engine oil company:

The survey of 1,000 drivers by oil company Castrol showed 40 per cent of motorists are secretly pleased to be held up occasionally.

It might seem odd that an engine oil company is praising traffic jams, but this is another example of the classic PR bait and switch – watch carefully, as the story quickly morphs from the headline-grabbing pro-traffic-jam findings to something more conventional:

Two-thirds (61 per cent) say stop-start traffic is now the most annoying thing about travelling on British roads.

So, now we’re focusing on how annoying it is to be constantly stopping and starting while sat in a traffic jam. And if we think that’s annoying for us, the engine oil manufacturer Castrol wants you to consider what it’s doing to your car:

Claudia Blum, European Magnatec Brand Manager at Castrol, said: “We recently discovered the average driver stops and starts as many as 18,000 times a year, and it seems stop-start traffic is as wearing for drivers as it is their engines.

Thus the bait-and-switch is complete, and the PR paymasters get to go from praising traffic jams to reminding you how vital their product is for the healthy running of your engine.