“Your lights are making you ill!” says specialist lighting product

Bored, can’t be bothered to exercise and always craving carbs? The LIGHTS in your home and office could be to blame

Do you find yourself feeling low and struggling to stay awake at your desk? Or lack the motivation to go to the gym?

It might not be your fault.

New research has found millions of us are victims of poor lighting – which can wreak havoc with our health, mood and job performance.

Light is not just important for our sight – it also helps regulate our body clock and many aspects of our health.

Source: Daily Mail, 28th October 2016


Your lights might be making you ill, according to this latest ‘research’ from the Daily Mail, It’s no surprise that levels of light are very important to the human sleep cycle, allowing us to keep our body clocks aligned to the cycle of day and night.

There are doubtlessly countless studies which have been done to analyse the relationship between light and sleep, which is why it’s so strange to see that this latest story is based on little more than asking people what effect they think the lighting in their life has on their sleep patter, based on nothing but their gut feeling and assumptions:

When asked about the impact of dim or poor lighting at home and/or at work:

– 69 per cent of respondents said it affected their energy level

– 64 per cent said it worsened their mood

-62 per cent saw a drop in motivation

-55 per cent suffered disrupted sleep

-50 per cent reported struggling to stay alert

-52 per cent said it led to them eating more food, particularly carbs and sugary snacks

-32 per cent felt sluggish

-31 per cent said it affected their work output

Or it would be a surprise, if the story weren’t the product of a press release from a lighting company:

In fact the new research, by Innolux Bright Light Therapy, found instead of our home being a place of sanctity, the light quality is potentially damaging our lifestyles.

All of this really raises the question: if the evidence behind Innolux’s Bright Light Therapy is so robust, why are they relying on meaningless opinion polls to push their product in the media?