“Heating your home is expensive, regardless of your gender!” says insulating blinds company

Revealed: Why it costs £425 more to keep women warm in winter than it does men

It costs £425 more to keep women warm in winter than it does for men, according to new calculations.

That’s the difference in the cost of heating bills for couples if they lived apart, researchers found.

The average British male does not like the thermostat to ever go above 22C (71.6 F) and finds the perfect temperature to be three degrees lower, at 19C (66.2 F).

Source: Daily Mail, 27th October 2016



Women experience the cold more than men, according to the latest ‘research’ from the Daily Mail. And while there are biological and physiological reasons why there might be a temperature difference between the sexes, it’s fair to say this particular study has a less than altruistic intent:

But the most popular setting for adult British women is a sweltering 24 degrees C (75.2 F), according to the Duette Blinds study that surveyed 2,000 co-habiting Brits.

Why would a company that makes blinds want to highlight the difference in temperature awareness between men and women? The press release, printed in the Mail Online, provides the missing step:

Across a normal winter and at current energy prices, that would work out at £655 on heating bills for women but just £230 for men.

It may explain why having control of the thermostat is such a major source of disagreement in so many homes, said the report.

With such expense at stake, in swoops Duette to explain how to minimise heating costs this winter:

Kirsty Hunt, of Duette, said: ‘Government health advice puts the ideal living room temperature at 21°C and the rest of the house at 18°C as the optimum for health and wellbeing.

‘Our poll found that one in 18 women would like their home as hot as 30°C (86F)!

‘It’s worth highlighting the cost and energy savings that can be made by simple steps such as turning down the thermostat and insulating homes with energy saving products.’

Three guesses what Duette Blinds means when they tell you to make sure your home is insulated.