“Women should buy lots of expensive handbags!” says online fashion retailer

The REAL cost of your handbag habit: Women own an average of 14 totes, buy three new ones a year and spend £6,144 in a lifetime – the same as a new car

If you are yet to purchase your third handbag of the year, you are lagging behind on the shopping front, according to a new survey.

According to the poll of Britain’s shopping habits, the average woman splashes out on three new handbags a year, spending the equivalent of the price of a small car over a lifetime.

UK women buy an average of 192 bags in their shopping lifespan, costing approximately £32 each, which adds up to a total spend of £6,144, the research for Simply Be found.

Source: Daily Mail, 27th Ocotber 2016


Playing the cliché card heavily, the Daily Mail reveals that women spend huge amounts of money on their handbag collection throughout their lifetime. With such colossal expenditure to deal with, if only there were a company who offered big brands at affordable prices, to help ease the burden on these poor women:

Jenni Banford, of Simply Be, said: ‘It is amazing how British women’s love of handbags can add up to so many over the years.

‘Although some of us will buy less than three new ones a year, many of us will certainly buy more.

‘There is something wonderfully satisfying about using a new bag for the first time, I can understand it being such a popular fashion treat for women to indulge in and of course there are so many great styles out there at affordable prices it’s easy to feel you need to own a good selection so you always have one to go with whatever outfit you are wearing.’

Well, that’s a handy coincidence, that the company behind this survey just happen to be an online fashion retailer.