“Daylight Savings Time causes car crashes!” says insurance company

Could the clocks going back make you crash? Drivers 30% more likely to have an after work accident in month after hour change

You might be looking forward to an extra hour in bed on Sunday, but motorists are being warned that the upcoming clock change will put them at greater risk.

A new study claims the danger of a smash increases by 30 per cent if you’re driving between the hours of 5pm and 8pm in the month following the clocks going back – making trips home from work more dangerous than before.

Source: Daily Mail, 26th October 2016


Is it really so much more dangerous to be on the road when the clocks go back? Hard to say, but what’s clear is that this story is yet another example of an insurance company using Bad PR tactics to get published in the national press:

Overall, the chances of an accident in the four weeks after the hour change at the end of October increases by 10 per cent, according to Insure the Box, which provides driving-monitoring telematics car insurance and looked at previous data.