“Your parents will get old and forgetful, and eventually die!” says iron-on nametag company

We start caring for our parents at the age of 49: Reversal of roles often starts with doing the shopping or doing jobs around the house 

The age when we typically find the ‘roles of care’ are reversed and we start looking after our parents is 49, a new poll suggests.

From helping out with the shopping to doing odd jobs around the house, this is the stage in our lives when we go from relying on our parents to them beginning to lean on us.

Over a fifth of us are currently looking after one or both of our parents, visiting them seven times a month on average.

Source: Daily Mail, 25th October 2016


The reality of ageing is inescapable, and the rot sets in earlier than you’d think according to the latest ‘research’ featured in the Daily Mail, which suggests our parents are more vulnerable than we’d like to admit, and before we know it we want to start looking after them. Which is handy for the commissioners of this survey:

The survey of 2,000 UK adults was commissioned by My Nametags, a manufacturer of durable sticker and iron-on nametags.

If you’re wondering what an iron-on nametag company has to gain from making us fear the mortality of our elders, bear in mind that one of the things we fear most about our ageing parents is their ‘mental wellbeing’. In other words, here is a company who have decided it’s perfectly fine to trade on fears of Alzheimer’s in order to sell some iron-on labels.