“Looking after the grandkids will give you a cold!” says dubious cold medicine

Grandparents’ health being put at risk as almost half get ill from babysitting

The perils of grandparents babysitting have been revealed in a survey, which found nearly half of them caught a cold from a sick grandchild.

There are now 10 million grandmothers and grandfathers providing regular childcare for their families each week, more than ever before, but this is leading to a potential health crisis – with their immune systems vulnerable to colds.

And with colds leading to more serious illnesses, like chest infections or pneumonia, a fifth of grandparents say it is their biggest concern when it comes to babysitting (21 per cent).

Source: Telegraph, 31st October 2016


Looking after the grandkids is quite the health risk, according to ‘research’ published in the Telegraph, with half of all grandparents¬†catching a cold from their babysitting duties. If only there were a product that claims to be able to help these poor, stricken elders:

The study of 1,000 grandparents with grandchildren under the age of 10, conducted by ColdZyme mouth spray, also found this has caused tensions with families.

What is ColdZyme, you might wonder? Well, they’re the company who paid to have a PR company put this story together. They’re also a spray that claims to be able to fight the common cold, though the evidence backing up their claim leaves a lot to be desired.

Dr Dawn Harper, spokeswoman for ColdZyme Mouth Spray, said: “More grandparents are providing regular child care for their grandchildren as both parents have work commitments.

“Many of my patients who provide such care tell me it’s a job they love, but one that often leaves them feeling exhausted. Fatigue can suppress the immune system, so it’s important grandparents get a good night’s sleep.

“My parents tell me ‘grandparenting’ is their favourite hobby.

“They are lucky they are both in good health with robust immune systems, but some grandparents are missing out on such magical moments.”

Thank heavens ColdZyme are there to help give those grandparents a hand in staying healthy for those magical moments. Or, at least, that’s what ColdZyme’s PR department want you to take away from this non-story.