“We can dress anything up as a revelation if we put it in an infographic!” says travel agent

As long as 22 Everests end to end: The staggering size of a plane big enough to carry all the people flying RIGHT NOW

Did you know that at any one time there are roughly one million people airborne around the world?

Furthermore if all the people flying right now were on a plane together the aircraft would be a whopping 627,952.76ft long – or around 120 miles – and require a runway as long as the distance between London and Kyoto in Japan.

An unusual – and highly imaginative – infographic shows the mind-boggling figures for what such a plane would be like.

For instance to get all one million passengers seated on the aircraft – which would be as long as 22 Mount Everests – with their luggage safely stowed away, it would take approximately 31 years.

Source: Daily Mail, 19th October 2016


The ‘revelation’ from the Daily Mail that there are a lot of people taking flights these days comes courtesy of travel agent Travel Republic, in a move that proves if you want to get your content printed untouched on a national newspaper’s website, put it in a pretty drawing.