“Expensive engagement rings are crucially important!” says jeweller

British women reveal what they REALLY want from a proposal (and yes guys, you DO need to spend more than £1,000 on the ring)

Proposals are nerve-wracking for anyone – but for many men they likely have just become a whole lot scarier.

Apparently, there are certain specific requirements women like their suitor to fulfill for their proposal.

The average British woman now expects her engagement to involve a dazzling ring costing £1,013, ideally after 25 months of dating.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th October 2016


Buying the right-priced ring is a crucial part of a wedding proposal, according to the latest research published in the Daily Mail, who even specify the suspiciously-precise amount men should spend before attempting to declare their undying love. Of all the details of a proposal, why is the cost of the ring, and the fact that women want to be able to choose their own diamond, given the most prominence? Perhaps it’s due to the source of this press release:

Craig Bolton, from jeweller Mappin & Webb, which commissioned the survey of 2,000 unmarried women, says: ‘The results of our survey should give the men of the UK plenty of food for thought.

‘The winter and Christmas period is a very popular time of year for proposals to take place, so if any men or women are thinking of popping the question now’s the time to do it.

‘A happy marriage starts with a happy proposal, and the ring is something that absolutely has to be perfect – whether it’s a flawless stone or a bespoke ring with some personal meaning to the couple.’

Not content with explicitly telling men to get moving on their proposal and to start planning a bespoke-designed ring with a flawless stone, Mappin & Webb twist the “men are useless at things” knife further:

The reason behind women wanting to pick their own ring is because over a third think their man would make the wrong ring choice if left to his own devices. 

The most popular type of ring is a solitaire (round) cut diamond on a white gold band.

Just one in 20 opt for an unusual stone like a ruby or emerald.

It’s not all bad news for would-be fiances though… Fewer than one in five women have every detail of their perfect proposal mapped out in their mind – which gives men quite a lot of room for error.

Point taken yet, fellas? Well, if not, this article – which is has a level of transparency that most diamonds would kill for – has one last kicker:

And another said that her would-be fiancé had picked a ring that was so ugly she had to call the romance off.

And to think, they said romance was dead.