“Some drivers do really stupid things!” says car insurance firm

How naughty are you? Britain’s cheekiest car confessions REVEALED

ALMOST every motorist admitted to speeding behind the wheel as Britain’s cheekiest car confessions were revealed – but how many have you done?

The anonymous survey, by car and van insurance company Staveley Head, revealed that a huge 92% of women and 96% of men admitted to breaking the speed limit.

Source: Daily Star, 19th October 2016


More than half of drivers still use their phones at the wheel and 11 per cent admit they take SELFIES

More than half of drivers still use their phones at the wheel ahead of a Government crackdown, a survey has revealed.

Ministers are set to introduce tougher penalties in the first half of 2017 after a spate of fatal accidents and a Daily Mail campaign.

But a poll of motorists published yesterday shows 55 per cent still use their mobiles while driving. This appears to be fuelled in part by the growing obsession with social media.

Source: Daily Mail, 19th October 2016


What’s the most irresponsible thing you’ve ever done in a car? That was apparently the question asked to an ‘anonymous’ survey of drivers (read: fully identifiable online survey from a market research company who use the answers to shape what PR surveys to send respondents in future, but don’t disclose names and addresses to their clients).

Notably, while the Mail picked out the findings that fit with their own motoring campaign, the Star headlined the findings that emphasised the ‘cheekiest’ and ‘naughtiest’ confessions, with the picture desk assuming this meant something sexual (despite a total lack of sexualised answers in the article’s content). I guess at the Star, sex is the default assumption for any picture editor.

Who is behind this particular piece of PR, exposing the risky driving behaviour of drivers out there on the road with you? Obviously it’s a car insurance firm:

Ashley Peters, managing director at Staveley Head, said: “We were surprised by some of the results from the survey.

“As an insurer of thousands of commercial vehicles every year, we know that the majority of drivers are extremely careful on the roads.

“However, of those who completed the survey, we did discover groups who freely admitted to speeding, using their phone while on the move and even potentially driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

“It goes without saying that we would always recommend people take the upmost care behind the wheel and that they abide by all the laws of the road at all times.”