“People are buying cars all around the country!” says car-buying website

Where are Britain’s biggest spenders on new cars? We’ll give you a clue, it’s not in London

When it comes to spending money on a new car it’s the Scots who delve deepest into their pockets.

That’s according to new analysis by car-buying site Car Wow, which says Glaswegians fork out the most at motor dealerships, with neighbouring Edinburgh not too far behind.

Of the 10 largest cities in the UK, big-city dwellers in London are only the third highest spenders in the nation. The trio of podium-placing cities all hand over more than £26,000 on average for showroom-fresh vehicles – many of which will have been bought on finance deals.

Source: Daily Mail, 20th October 2016 


It transpires, shockingly, that all around the country people are buying cars, and some of those cars cost more than others, roughly in line with socioeconomic status and earning potential, with a degree of statistical variance. Astonishing news, and well worthy of a place on the Daily Mail website, I’m sure you’ll agree. You’ll be just as astonished as to the source of the story:

The data was based only on sales through Car Wow’s platform, which sells tens of thousands of cars per year.

The website gets car dealers up and down the country to compete for buyer’s by offering their best deal on the vehicle they want. A search shows how discounts can vary substantially between rival dealers for the same car and it claims to have arranged the sale of £1billion worth of new vehicles since it launched in 2010.

So – website which allows people to buy cars tells the world that people are buying cars. News!