“Sweets contain a lot of calories, which take time to burn off!” says vending machine company

Trick-or-treat workout: How many houses do you and your children have to knock on to burn off the calories of your favourite sweets?

It’s a period of indulgence – and one we have keen memories of from our childhood.

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get your hands on your favourite sweets, especially if your children come home with a bucketful.

But just last week it was found that youngsters will consume an extra 3,100 calories from their trick-or-treating alone.

And adults didn’t get off lightly either, ingesting 1,700 more calories than they would normally.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Experts have calculated exactly how many doors you will have to knock to burn them all off.

Source: Daily Mail, 31st October 2016


Timely research here in the Daily Mail, with a series of infographics breaking the shocking and astounding news that sweets and candy are high in calories. Less a nutritional revelation, and more an advert for a vending machine company looking for an excuse to remind you of all those tasty treats you love so much:

A new infographic produced by Express Vending – a vending machine supplier based in Hemel Hempstead – revealed it takes adults only four houses to burn off 10 jelly beans.