“The cost of living is different in different cities!” says window blinds company, inexplicably

Can’t decide where to live? Fascinating tool tells you which city you should REALLY live in based on how often you socialise and how much you earn

If you can’t figure out whether you belong in the sticks or the city, a clever new tool may well have the answer.

An interactive quiz aims to help users discover which of the 63 cities in England, Scotland and Wales best mirrors their lifestyle and taste.

Users answer six questions and the three best-suited cities are then revealed, along with the reasons why each one is a desirable prospective location for them.

Source: Daily Mail, 19th October 2016


A genuine head-scratcher of a PR story here from the Daily Mail, who managed to wring almost 500 words of copy out of an interactive infographic tool which proclaims to be able to tell you where in the country you should live based on your lifestyle, but which has absolutely no purpose other than to speculatively attempt to gain press inches for a window blinds company – astonishingly, successfully:

The quiz, which was created by Web Blinds, explains: ‘Imagine a better life, with all the things you love on the doorstep Do you long to live in a city that mirrors your life and tastes? Maybe you want a big-city vibe or a coastal setting or an exciting nightlife. It’s time: go find the best city for you.’

It must have been a slow day in the Mail Online office when they decided this utter filler was worth a full breakdown. Either that, or there’s a PR company out there with a very cosy relationship with Femail contributor and Bad PR regular Bianca London. The mind boggles.