“Bathrooms at work get very dirty!” says cleaning company

One in 10 workers confess they eat food in the office BATHROOM… and more than half don’t wash their hands after using the toilet

A new study has revealed just how questionable some office-workers’ bathroom habits are, with more than half of Australians not washing their hands after using the toilet.

The research, undertaken by Initial Hygiene in preparation for National Handwashing Day on Saturday 15 October, found that only 49 per cent of people wash their hands after using the work bathroom.

Source: Daily Mail, 13th October 2016


It’s hard to believe that 10% of office workers eat food in the office bathroom, mainly because it almost certainly isn’t true – it’s just PR for a cleaning company, promoting their entirely-made-up “National Handwashing Day”. Of course, their real goal is to emphasise the value of a clean office bathroom, by grossing out office workers and motivating them to ensure their office uses a reliable cleaning company:

‘When you leave the bathroom without washing, you have urine and fecal matter and germs all on your hands,’ Kate Levy, spokesperson for Initial Hygiene, told Daily Mail Australia.

‘You’re taking that back to your desk, and the office kitchen. You’re putting your lip gloss with your fingers and wiping that all over your lips. It’s disgusting.’