“Women are liars!” says ‘honest’ tea company

Do men or women lie more? The answer will shock you

It found females tell more lies about their diet, throw more sickies and make up more excuses to get out of doing something they don’t fancy.

But it’s not all bad – they are also more likely to bend the facts so they do not hurt people’s feelings.

The survey would seem to be at odds with the film Liar Liar, in which the main character is a dishonest male lawyer played by Jim Carrey with Justin Cooper as his son.

Source: Daily Star, 11th October 2016


Who’d have thought it – in a world where the media by and large paints gender as a strictly binary attribute, one of the two options for gender is more dishonest than the other. It would be easy to get into the detail of why in society one gender may tell more lies than the other… but, of course, that would be to accept the conceit of this article, rather than to acknowledge it is little more than an ad for a herbal tea brand:

The survey was carried out to mark the UK launch of the US-bottled herbal tea brand Honest.

It’s worth considering, too, whether, had this ‘honest’ survey discovered that men lie more than women, this article would have been appreciably different? Of course not: the data in the article is the delivery mechanism for a PR hit, rather than a message in its own right. Of course, that doesn’t stop readers of the Daily Star from taking this as proof that women are not to be trusted. Lovely stuff.

The company has also pledged to conduct a regular “Honest Index”, including experiments to test Brits’ trustworthiness.

Well that’s something to look forward to. To be honest, Honest, I’d far rather you found a more ethical way of grabbing publicity.