“We can dress anything up as a revelation if we put it in an infographic!” says window decoration company

It’s a wonder how they get any work done! The jobs with the world’s best views revealed

For most people, working nine to five in an office means monotonous views of computer screens and their colleagues.

But some unlikely occupations around the world can offer surprisingly spectacular views of the surroundings – and you don’t even have to venture outside.

You’ve probably never considered working as a cashier at the Empire State Building in New York or as a coastguard on the Bering Sea. But if you do, the scenery outside your window promises to be more stunning than most.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th October 2015


The ‘revelation’ from the Daily Mail that some jobs come with attractive views comes courtesy of window blinds company Made To Measure, in a move that proves if you want to get your content printed untouched on a national newspaper’s website, put it in a pretty graphic.