“Technology can be frustrating if you don’t take exercise breaks!” says gym company

How many times a day do YOU shout at your PC? Researchers say the average American suffers 40,000 bouts of ‘tech rage’ over their lifetime

Weak Wi-Fi connections, a slow computer and an office printer that doesn’t work properly are enough to make anyone’s blood boil with ‘tech rage’.

A new study reveals millions of Americans experience at least two types of technology malfunctions a day and 40,800 over their lifetime – and these breakdowns are having a huge effect on stress levels.

However, experts have found that working out, such as walking, is a simple solution to calm your nerves.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th October 2016


Technology can be frustrating, with slow wi-fi and random crashes plaguing all those who rely on their laptop for their day-to-day work – but it appears some people might be taking their frustration too far, indulging in the entirely-made-up phenomena “Tech Rage”. That frustration even spills out into physical symptoms, sadly:

What appears to be even more alarming is that stress from technology breakdown is found to have a physical effect.

Four in ten adults report stiff necks brought on by stress, one in four are plagued by achy joints and muscles and over a quarter suffer from stress-induced migraines.

Fortunately, there are suggested fixes to this fictional problem:

However, many of these individuals felt the need to battle stress with gym workouts, yoga and getting extra rest – remedies experts say are among the best…

The research also examined the link between stress levels and exercise/movement, and found that more than 70 percent of people feel their job doesn’t allow them to move around enough during the day.

However, the survey also reveals that 31 percent of people have found the secret weapon to beat the stress – working out.

That the fix to this made-up issue involves exercise is convenient, given that this is a press release from a gym chain:

‘Fitness goals are about more than exercise. At 24 Hour Fitness, we believe the time you spend in the gym helps make the life you lead outside the best it can be, and that includes helping you deal with the daily stress of technology breakdown,’ said Mike Carney, vice president, marketing, 24 Hour Fitness.

If you’re frustrated at seeing press releases uncritically printed as news articles, perhaps 24 Hour Fitness has a solution to that too…