“People from Britain make terrible tourists, you should avoid them!” says design-your-perfect-holiday firm

Revealed: A Brit’s biggest gripe during a foreign holiday… is OTHER Brits abroad

Delayed flights, food poisoning and pickpockets are all common gripes of the British holidaymaker, but it turns out their biggest annoyance when holidaying abroad is other Brits.

A new survey has questioned the habits of people from the UK when they take a foreign trip, asking about everything from their culinary tastes to hotel preferences.

It revealed that their own nationality’s tendency to hog the sun lounger and get drunk regularly ruined their own holiday.

Source: Daily Mail, 10th October 2016


Of all the many things the average Brit can’t stand about other countries, it turns out it’s the other British people that we dislike the most. Who’d have thought it? Well, at least 48% of people in June, to be fair…

However this is not a story of Brexit despair, but a PR piece advertising a popular holiday company, who presumably are courting the popular “aren’t lots of British people frankly awful” market:

In the research, conducted by leading travel search engine Kayak, nearly nine out of ten participants said they get annoyed with fellow British holidaymakers while away on holiday…

Suzanne Perry, a travel expert at Kayak, said: ‘Holidays are about doing what you want to do.

‘The best advice I can offer is to try and act how you would expect others to – that way, you hopefully won’t go too far wrong.’

Given how we typically expect British people to act abroad, I’m not sure that emulating them is a wise move. Still, given that Kayak bill themselves as the bespoke holiday company that allow you to tailor your break to your own specifications, reminding their customers what they can avoid with a well-crafted holiday fits perfectly with their brand values, which after all is the entire point of this story.