“People are still booking holidays, and you should too!” says holiday company

Terrorism and Brexit don’t stop more Britons going on foreign holidays

MORE people are going on holiday than at any time in the past five years despite terror attacks and the impact of Brexit, according to a study.

Some 86 per cent of UK adults took an overnight trip at home or abroad in the 12 months to August, research by travel organisation Abta found.

This is up from 77 per cent in 2015 and represents the highest figure since 2011, when 90 per cent booked at least one break.

Source: Express, 11th October 2016


Well, thank god the important things are still safe: despite the melting economy and simmering tensions in the Middle East, Brits are still booking city breaks. Phew. It turns out the travel industry is booming, in that case, and it’s probably a good time to book a holiday. Isn’t that right, spokesperson for the company behind this story?

Abta’s director of brand and business development, Victoria Bacon, described the sixth annual Holiday Habits report as “remarkably positive”.

Miss Bacon told reporters at Abta’s annual convention in Abu Dhabi: “British holidaymakers value their holidays immensely and it is heartening to see that holidays are still a priority for most people, despite the high-profile events both overseas and here in the UK.

“The story of the previous 12 months, for holiday-taking at least, is remarkably positive. It’s been a bumper year for domestic and a good one for foreign holidays.

“Brits love their holidays and they won’t give them up easily.”

Brits, you have been told: keep booking holidays because the travel industry say you should.