“Young people are rubbish at basic life skills!” says bargain shop

The under 35s who can’t boil an egg or change a lightbulb: Survey finds growing numbers who still live at home do not know basic skills

A third of young adults cannot change a lightbulb while a quarter admit they can’t even boil an egg, according to a survey.

The research among 25 to 34 year olds – many of whom still live with their parents – appears to show they are losing the skills older generations took for granted, as 77 per cent say they couldn’t fix a bike puncture and 68 per cent can’t wire a plug.

And, surprisingly, newer technology leaves many stumped as well, with 23 per cent admitting they can’t use a washing machine while 41 per cent wouldn’t know how to connect a blu-ray player to a TV.

Source: Daily Mail, 11th October 2016


What’s the story here? Is it really that young people are inept at basic life skills and simply can’t function out on their own? Or is it that a chain of bargain-basement, odds-and-ends shops wanted to grab a few cheap headlines?

Many of those surveyed by Poundland also admitted they couldn’t hang a picture, put a new washer in a dripping tap, decorate a room or iron a shirt or blouse.

Simon Twigger from Poundland, said: ‘It’s quite surprising to see the shift in what young Brits see as key life skills to learn.

‘The older generation still have these domestic skills whereas the younger generation have a lot to learn.

‘Fingers crossed they learn a few of them by the time they move out to avoid paying unnecessary handy man costs.’

Poundland. If ever there were a fitting brand to be employing Bad PR tactics, it’s Poundland.