“Here are some members of the public making fools of themselves for our marketing pleasure!” says chocolatiers

The hopefuls who DIDN’T get the Milk Tray Man job: Cadbury releases the cringe-worthy audition tapes that failed – including a man who cycles a box of chocolate over to his mum

Chocolate goliath Cadbury, who recently unveiled a super-smooth new Milk Tray Man, have now revealed some of the hopefuls who didn’t quite make the cut.

Some of the audition tapes sent to the confectionery company during their £3million campaign to find a new polo neck-wearing man might leave viewers wondering what the ambitious auditionees were thinking.

From a gym lover wearing only a black thong to a bald hopeful willing to wear a wig and a chap on a pushbike, the minute-long clips fail spectacularly in their bid to prove just how suave they can be.

Source: Daily Mail, 10th October 2016


In this post-X-factor world you’d have to be a fool to hold behind-closed-doors auditions for a role in your iconic advert, when you can have open submissions from the public, meaning you can secure media coverage in announcing your competition, and then when you find your man you can bag more headlines in announcing your choice.

Still, you’re faced with an inevitable gap between hiring your actor and debuting their first advert, so how do you wring further press coverage out of the story during that break? Why, by humiliating the ordinary people who auditioned for the role, of course! Which is precisely what chocolatier company Cadbury did with their ‘Milk Tray Man’ role, exposing their most hapless auditions not only in the Mail, but in the Sun and Mirror too:

‘I LIKE TO SLIP INTO BEDROOMS UNNOTICED’ After Cadbury’s hire a new hunky Milk Tray Man we take a look at some of the most cringe-worthy audition tapes from the 20,000 hopefuls

LAST year, Cadbury’s launched an appeal to find a hunk to become the star of their new chocolate campaign.

The iconic Milk Tray Man is known for being suave and smooth, but it’s safe to say he won’t be worried about losing his title to any of these blundering auditionees.

Source: The Sun, 7th October 2016


The most cringe-worthy auditions for the new Milk Tray Man – from a bed intruder to a bearded hipster in a forest

In the bedrooms and woodlands of Britain, strange men have been slipping on polo-neck sweatshirts and talking about chocolate.

The reason behind these strange happenings is because Cadbury is relaunching its midnight intruder, the Milk Tray Man.

The chocolate giant discontinued its adverts in 2003. They began in 1968, with six hunky men – suave, sophisticated, and dressed in black – surreptitiously delivering ladies boxes of Milk Tray in James Bond-like ‘raids’.

Source: Mirror, 10th October 2016


And that’s how you turn an advert into three hits of national ‘news’ coverage.