“Everyone is getting a wine cellar installed!” says wine cellar fitter

Wine upmanship! Or how the latest status symbol is a £40,000 wine cellar buried under your sitting room

Forget keeping your bottles of plonk in a simple rack or, even worse, a cupboard — no, the latest middle-class must-have is a state-of-the art wine cellar, wall or even a spiral staircase to perfectly showcase your collection.

It’s a trend inspired by such famous faces as Sir Richard Branson, the Beckhams and Angelina Jolie. And with collecting and investing in fine vintages becoming increasingly popular among affluent professionals, so, too, are wine cellars — but not as we know them.

The fusty, cobweb-festooned caves beneath many Victorian houses are not where today’s enthusiasts want to store their wine — not just at the perfect temperature and humidity, but also in style.

Source: Daily Mail, 8th October 2016 


Ever with the finger on the pulse of what the average reader is thinking, the Daily Mail explained the importance of correct wine storage, and how all the cool kids are having bespoke wine cellars installed. Who might want to inspire a few more renovations with this article?

Lucy Hargreaves, managing director of Spiral Cellars, which builds more than 200 bespoke cellars a year, says she has seen demand rocket by 20 per cent over the past year. ‘Britain’s love affair with wines continues unabated and super-stylish, climate-controlled spaces in which to store wine are now a design feature in many upmarket homes.

‘Every wine cellar or room is slightly different when it comes to temperature, ranging from 8c to 18c. The most important thing is that the temperature is stable, because fluctuations spoil the wine.’