“Having the right smile is crucially important!” says tooth whitening product, via ‘facial reader’

What does YOUR smile say about you? Find out if your grin reveals you’re confident, fake, shy – or just very smug

People smile for all kind of reasons – not all of them good. Smugness, embarrassment and fear can all cause smiles. Can you recognise which is which?

The type of smile you have can reveal a lot about you.

Find out below what your smile indicates about you according to top facial reader Jean Haner.

Source: Daily Mail, 8th October 2016


It can sometimes be genuinely impressive, the lengths that companies will go to shame women about thier looks and therefore prime them for a commercial message. Take this story, about the huge importance your smile carries, and how each of our smiles (and by ‘our’, I mean women, of course) says so much about what kind of person we are. This particular piece of PR enlists the help of ‘expert’ Jean Haner, who is described as a ‘facial reader’. What precisely is a facial reader, you might be wondering? Well, as she describes herself:

In a private consultation, Jean reads the patterns in your face and your birth date, to show you the rich design of your inner nature, and where you are in the cycles of time, to help you achieve personal change and professional success.

Jean will also answer your questions about things like career issues, personal relationships, problems or decisions, and how to discover your true calling in life.

So, it’s part astrology, part physiognomy, all bullshit. Glad to know we have an expert on the case to tell us all about the importance of having the right smile, and how vital our appearances are. Who drafted in a woo-merchant in order to flog their cosmetic product?

When someone looks down as they smile, it can be a sign of shyness and self-consciousness and a lack of confidence, especially if they also cover their mouth with their hand,’ explains Jean, who released her findings in conjunction with Instant White Teeth. This type of smile can also signal embarrassment or can be done purposefully to appear alluring.

A tooth whitening company, no less. Which might go some way towards explaining why such emphasis is placed on the appearance of teeth in the article:

An open mouthed smile, where the lips are stretched and the teeth are on display, exudes confidence, warmth and a positive energy. ‘This kind of smile goes beyond just showing friendliness,’ says Jean.