“We can dress anything up as a revelation if we put it in an infographic!” says gambling company

Haggis is forbidden in the US, foie gras is a no-go in India and jelly cups are illegal in Europe: Banned foods around the world revealed

The Kinder Surprise egg may seem an innocent treat, but in America, it’s not welcome – because it contains a ‘non-nutritive object’.

There are plenty of other seemingly innocuous foods deemed unfit for consumption, too.
Whether it’s for health reasons or animal welfare concerns, some groceries are stopped at the borders of certain countries.

Source: Daily Mail, 11th October 2016 


The ‘revelation’ from the Daily Mail that different countries have different food safety regulations comes courtesy of gambling company Pokies.net, in a move that proves if you want to get your content printed untouched on a national newspaper’s website, put it in a pretty drawing.