“We can dress anything up as a revelation if we put it in an infographic!” says bedding company

From a five minute run for a vodka and Diet Coke to a 48-minute cycle for a pint of Guinness – how long does it take to burn off YOUR favourite tipple?

If you’re watching your weight, you need to pay just as much attention to everything you drink as well as what you eat.

Alcoholic drinks can be surprisingly laden with calories, and now an infographic from Sleepy People has revealed the amount of exercise you’d need to do to burn off your favourite tipple.

A small glass of sparkling white is one of the most diet-friendly and can be cancelled out by seven minutes of running, while a White Russian might be best avoided as it will take 33 minutes of running to burn off.

Source: Daily Mail, 7th October 2016


The ‘revelation’ from the Daily Mail that different alcoholic drinks have different calorie contents comes courtesy of bedding company Sleepy People, in a move that proves if you want to get your content printed untouched on a national newspaper’s website, put it in a pretty drawing.