“Contraception is important because your partner is probably a cheat!” says online pharmacy

Europeans are most likely to cheat, while Americans take more risks with contraception: Surprising study reveals just how sexual preferences vary on each side of the pond

The Brits have long been famed for their stiff upper lip.

Americans, meanwhile, are thought to be more adventurous.

Now, new research proves the stereotypes to be false – in terms of attitudes to cheating, at least.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th October 2015


It’s hard being European, what with all the constant promiscuous unprotected sex we’re all mandated to have all of the time. It’s a wonder anyone gets anything done – for example, it’s a wonder a PR company found the time in amongst all of the #shagging to put together this particular piece of PR for an online pharmacy:

The survey of 1,000 adults was carried out by DrEd.com – an online pharmacy and heath advice site.

What is it with online pharmacies using suspicion of cheating to get their names in the press? First it was Medexpress and their scaremongering over STIs, and then there was the less-prominent PR effort by UK Medix telling of the many lies partners tell to cover their cheating, and now this from Dr Ed.com. Is there really no other way to remind people that you can buy johnnies over the internet other than to make them think their partner is a STI-infected lying adulterer?