“People like getting little surprises!” says telecomms company launching their new promotion

Misery time? 11.17am today: Monday mornings are the time of the week we feel unhappiest – but we’ve cheered up by 2.35pm

If you’re feeling a bit blue today, you’re not alone – 11.17am on a Monday morning is the time of the week Britons feel unhappiest, a survey has found.

Research has revealed that less than a quarter of us are happiest before midday – but we cheer up in the afternoon, peaking at 2.35pm.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th October 2015


Is quarter-past-eleven on a Monday morning really our most unhappy part of the week? I know it is for me, because that’s roughly when I’ve had a chance to wade through the last few days’ of news, and by then I’m usually drowning in PR. PR like this glorified-advert for telecomms company Plusnet:

The survey, for broadband provider Plusnet, found that nine in ten people believe that it only takes a small thing to salvage a bad day.

So while the lead of the article is about how unhappy we are, the real hook of the story is the little things that can pull us out of a slump… little things like, apparently, “stumbling across a bargain”.

Andy Baker, Plusnet Chief Executive added: ‘At Plusnet we understand the importance of giving back to our customers and know it’s the small things that make a big difference.

‘Our £LovesYouBack campaign is encouraging the nation to give a little back to those around us – as our research shows, it could make someone’s day.’

It’s fair to say the Daily Mail have taken up Plusnet’s challenge to give something to someone: they’ve elected to give Plusnet space in a national newspaper where they can pretend their advert is news.

Also, nice to see media-friendly PR psychologist Jo Hemmings popping up to prop up the advert with the illusion of science, as a little extra PR bonus.