“Uninformed travelers waste loads of time queuing!” says travel guide website

How much time are you spending in line? Infographic reveals the hours wasted queuing for the world’s most popular tourist attractions (and it’s Rome where the most patience is needed)

How long would you be willing to wait to look inside The Louvre in Paris or ride the London Eye?

An average of five hours is being wasted by millions of travellers a year through queuing, a fascinating Infographic has revealed.

The worst culprit appears to be Rome, with visitors spending up to seven and a half hours queuing for attractions – the same length of time as a flight from London to New York or a hike up and down Ben Nevis in Scotland.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th October 2015


People waste far too much of their holiday time waiting in queues and standing around – if only there were a travel website willing to pay to create an infographic to publish in a national newspaper in order to advertise themselves and how they can help people beat queues on holiday!

The graphic, created by tourism website Get Your Guide, claims that in London, around nine million tourists a year are waiting an average of five hours to visit the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London.

Phew. Now if only there were a guide that would help us stop wasting our time reading glorified adverts dressed up as news.