“Your body is older and closer to death than you think!” says private health firm

What’s your heart’s REAL age? Take this test to find out, as doctors warn most of us are old before our time…

Many of us claim to feel young at heart when the reality could, in fact, be quite the opposite.
Experts have revealed the ‘heart age’ of someone is, on average, more than three years older than their actual age and can vary by years – depending on the job they do.

A new study has found people working in manual labour have the worst heart health, while teachers and those working in the medical profession have the best.

So should you be worried about your heart and what can you do to improve its health?

Source: Daily Mail, 1st October 2015


Do you feel you’re getting old before your time? Are you worried that, as this article suggests, your heart might be on its last ventricles, ready to pop, and you’d never even know it? Do you fear your own mortality and feel the icy hand of death on your shoulder? If so, I can assure you that that’s in no way precisely what the company behind this article wanted:

The global research was carried out by Bupa and the World Heart Federation with more than 8,000 consumers completing a heart age check.

Dr. Fiona Adshead, chief wellbeing and public health officer at Bupa said: ‘If current trends continue, by 2030 more than 23 million people will die annually from cardiovascular disease.

Glad to know Bupa are looking out for us, in ways which might just-about scaremonger Daily Mail readers into taking out private insurance. The stress of this long, hard look at our own mortality is enough to force us to an early grave…