“Women buy make-up in overly large containers!” says smaller-size make-up retailers

Do you use expired make-up out of shame? More than 80% of women feel too GUILTY to throw out make-up that has gone bad – even if it causes them to break out

If you can’t stand the thought of throwing away your clumpy, two-year-old designer mascara that has long expired, you’re not alone, as 89 per cent of women admit to holding on to their old make-up ‘just in case’ they need it someday – even though it may contain harmful bacteria.

Source: Daily Mail, 24th September 2015


To think, women’s insistence on buying large-size make-up containers is making them ill, because their skinflint tendencies prevent them from throwing make-up out once it reaches its sell-by date. If only there were a solution to this conundrum, preferably from a company willing to pay for scientists and a PR team to put a story into a national newspaper:

Stowaway, a cosmetics brand that sells ‘right-sized’ products, teamed up with beauty data company Poshly to commission a study of more than 4,000 regular make-up wearers to see how they are really using cosmetics in their daily lives – and the results are shocking.

75 per cent of the women surveyed say they don’t routinely finish their make-up products, not just before it expires, but at all.

And your health may be at risk. Scientists at London Metropolitan University recently tested five products including a mascara, found

I’m glad it took scientists at a university to help promote a brand whose unique selling point is that they sell smaller containers of make-up. That seems an excellent use of a scientist.