“Men prefer a natural look!” says skincare brand

Don’t tell the TOWIE girls! A third of men say heavy make-up, fake tan and Botox are their biggest turn-offs in a woman

Millions of women apply foundation, lipstick and mascara every morning, many in the mistaken belief that this will make them look attractive to men.

But, according to new research, men in UK would much prefer their wives and girlfriend chose a natural look instead as they too much make-up a turn off.

What’s more they are calling for the growing trend for plastic surgery, including Botox and lip fillers, and fake tan and false eyelashes to come to an end.

Source: Daily Mail, 29th September 2015


Men find excessive make-up, cosmetic surgery, botox and other interventions unattractive, according to this research. And while this blogger happens to agree wholeheartedly (though, y’know, your face is your own business as far as I’m concerned), it shouldn’t escape our attention that the firm behind this research are a skincare company who sell themselves on natural beauty:

A six month study carried out by skin care brand Flint + Flint revealed the majority of UK women wear make-up every day, while 34 per cent wear fake tan and 22 per cent regularly wear false eyelashes.

Owner Maxine Flint said: ‘The popularity of reality shows such as TOWIE and Made In Chelsea, where the emphasis is on the girls being dolled up and looking good, has seen a huge rise in overtly glamorous make-up and clothing.

‘Us normal women feel the pressure to conform and keep up with these trends but it’s surprising to hear that we are not impressing the other sex.

‘It makes you wonder whose opinion actually matters to us women – our partners or our female friends?’

What we do know, at the very least, is that what matters to Flint + Flint is securing positive coverage for their brand in a national newspaper.