“Some companies are really cool to work for!” says recruitment firm

These are the top 10 friendliest workplaces in the UK

The fastest growing jobs and recruiting site, Glassdoor identified the places with the friendliest atmosphere

TK Maxx has topped a list of the UK’s friendliest workplaces.

Source: Independent, 23rd September 2015


The 13 UK companies that offer their employees free beer

Work drinks provide a space for employees to let off steam

Most employees can’t wait to get to the pub on a Friday. But some don’t have to – because beer is supplied at the office in fridges packed with unlimited cans, or provided free on tap.

While workers get the advantage of a free tipple or two, employers boost morale on their team and help build trust among colleagues.

Source: Independent, 8th October 2015


Clearly someone at the Independent recently has been very keen to emphasise just how many super-cool workplaces are out there. Specifically, a recruitment company:

Glassdoor, the jobs site, put TK Maxx at the top of a list of the 10 friendliest workplaces as decided by employees.

The good thing about a door made of glass is how easy it is to see that the grass is greener on the other side… and there’s a recruitment company publishing PR in national newspapers who profit from encouraging you to make that step with them.