“Men should be insecure about their bodies!” says body-shaping underwear

It’s not just women who want a bum lift! Bottom-boosting pants for men are made to measure for gentlemen hoping to enhance their derrière

If Kim Kardashian has proven anything, it’s that big bums are big business.

Kim, who was officially crowned ‘world’s best bottom’, sparked a new trend for ‘bacials’ – that’s bottom facials – and caused a 45 per cent increase in bottom enhancing procedures over the last 12 months.

However, it isn’t just women getting in on the bum-boosting action. Indeed, a new range of made-to-measure pants that promise to help enhance a man’s behind have been unveiled.

Source: Daily Mail, 13th September 2015


Not content with making women feel insecure about their bodies and encouraging enhancements and cosmetics, the media are encouraging men to obsess about their body shape, and selling them on quick fixes to imaginary problems. Fixes like:

D.HEDRAL – the underwear brand formerly fronted by rugby player and model Thom Evans – has created a collection of pants to boost a man’s behind.

In fact, this full 500-word article, complete with sales video and six marketing shots, is nothing but a clear advert for a cosmetic product, showing that PR is more than adept at making the media look like more of an arse.