“Women should throw out their old clothes!” says clothes retailer

Half of women can’t throw away clothes that don’t fit – because they hope to lose weight so they can wear the items again

Almost half of women can’t bring themselves to throw away clothes that are too small for them, according to new research.

The study suggests the phrase ‘I have nothing to wear’ really does ring true for almost one in four British women.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th September 2015


Women are terrible hoarders of clothes, even when they know they’ll never be able to wear those clothes again they insist on clogging up their wardrobe with old items. If only they could bite the bullet, embrace their expanding waistlines, throw out all of the old clothes and… presumably go shopping to replenish their collection:

The wardrobe survey of 1,000 women for George at Asda revealed more than half spend up to £360 a year on new clothes.

With women holding on to their clothes despite their increasing girth, according to George at Asda at least, they need all the help they can get in bringing their unruly wardrobe back under control. Fortunately, that’s where George at Asda come in:

A spokeswoman for George said: ‘What this research has revealed is that clothing bought in smaller sizes accounts for a huge percentage of unworn purchases, so it really is important to buy and dress for your size and shape and feel confident in everything you wear.

‘At George, we aim to give our customers ‘smart solutions’ to their wardrobe dilemmas, whether this is a dress to streamline your silhouette, jeans that banish ‘muffin tops’ or beautiful basics that are practical for busy lives.’

How generous of Asda to commission this research purely to offer women help…